Veterans Day and Vietnam War memorial

Blog by Portland Oregon Editorial Photographer: Adam Bacher From the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C., thank you to all the people who have served our country to keep us safe. Copyright 2015 Adam Bacher. All rights Reserved. Absolutely NO usage without prior authorization.

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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Blog by Portland Oregon Editorial Photographer: Adam Bacher Total eclipse of the harvest moon seen from under a street light, downtown Portland, Oregon.  There's no special photo-shop work on this image, just reflections and glare in the camera lens.  The full moon rising nearest the September equinox is a Harvest moon.  Being the fourth straight total eclipse of the moon, it's given the name, Blood Moon.  Photo taken September 27th, 2015. Copyright [...]

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Reflections on Labor Day – Building a School in Rwanda

Blog by Portland Oregon Editorial Photographer: Adam Bacher Labor Day in the United States  brings thoughts of editorial photography assignments from Rwanda over the past eight years. Nowhere else have I consistently seen people work so hard. Without the heavy machinery commonplace our society, the people of Rwanda rely on manual labor to get the job done. As a Portland Oregon editorial photographer, watching a high school being constructed by hand was [...]

Uncommon Locations – Adventures in Corporate Photography

Blog by Portland Oregon Corporate Photographer: Adam Bacher Corporate photography assignments don’t always take place at the office, or on the production floor.  Sometimes the sky is the limit and more exotic locations are called for.  When CEO Stefan Loble, from Bluff Works, contacted us to photograph his new line of pants, this Portland Oregon corporate photographer headed straight to the mountains to see how their pants would hold up.  According to Stefan, [...]

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Honoring Our Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C.

Blog by Portland Oregon Editorial Photographer: Adam Bacher Memorial Day this year takes on extra significance for me having visited Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C., on an editorial photography assignment last month. Spending an afternoon at the cemetery and thinking of many men and women who gave their lives to protect us and our great country was sobering. One area of interest was photographing the changing of the guard [...]

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Families Then and Now

Blog by Portland Oregon Editorial Photographer: Adam Bacher Hiking in Arches National Park, in Moab Utah, I came across a wall of petroglyphs. This one reminded me of the family stickers people put on the back windshields of cars. The next shots are of my daughter - at the moment of her birth 18 years ago, and with her boyfriend after finding out their high school Constitution Team won the state [...]

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  May the spirit of the holiday season stay with you throughout the new year.  

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Sheep at Sunset – Adventures in Photography

I'm unexpectedly, i.e. have no choice, told to get on the back of a motorcycle on a windswept island off the coast of Haiti.  We're in the countryside, three of us on three motos.  Mine is the last, all heading west into the setting sun on a dirt path.  There are 25 pounds of camera equipment in a backpack, on my back, hanging off the back of the moto.  My guy is getting the dirt [...]

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Halloween Vodou Ceremony in Haiti

Photography has always opened doors I hadn't anticipated going through. One of them was an invitation to attend a Vodou ceremony in Haiti, the night of Halloween. Vodou as well as Catholicism, is  practiced by the majority of Haitian people. Vodou in Haiti is a mix of local culture and worship of god and spirits, not like the extreme practices sensationalized in the western media. On this Halloween there was drumming, dancing, drinking and chanting. Like [...]

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Tilikum Crossing Bridge – Night Photography

Tilikum Crossing is Portland, Oregon’s newest bridge.  Recently the city conducted lightning tests in preparation for it’s opening in 2015. There was NO Digital Manipulation done on these photos.  Changing color lights, rain, low clouds, 4 hours of shooting and a dedicated photographer combined to produce these images.  It was an  architectural photographer’s dream shoot.  Constantly cleaning water off the lens while holding a flashlight and umbrella are prerequisite skills for this type [...]

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Cell Phone in Seattle

Spent a delightful afternoon with my daughter, in Seattle last week. After two college visits we changed into shorts, parked the car, and explored. No big camera on this trip, just the one in the cell phone. Highights included: Seattle Space Needle. The new ferris wheel on the waterfront. Views from the ferris wheel of sunset and boats on the water. Blue umbrellas of a sidewalk cafe. The Gum Wall - featuring 2 decades of [...]

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Sunset in the City

Sunsets aren't just for the beach and mountains.  Sometimes the magic happens in the city.

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Time for Graduation

CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! Wishing you prosperity, good health, and success in changing the world for the better. Copyright 2015 Adam Bacher. All rights Reserved. Absolutely NO usage without prior authorization.

Photos of Ravens on Mt Hood

  I meant to go skiing when the ravens caught my eye, flirting in the trees.  Were there ten, twenty, maybe thirty? I watched quietly.  They flew with delight, diving and rising, weaving in and out and around snow covered trees. At a stand of old Douglas Firs there were at least twenty ravens, of that I was sure.  Part cunning, part mischief, and part charmers, it wasn’t long before my lunch was their [...]

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Professional photography and your online presence – building trust and connections with clients

A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  Building trust with your clients is priceless. How photography can increase your bottom line. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Why not make it your best? Whether it’s your company website, LinkedIn profile, or another online presence, good photography can make a difference in your bottom line.  So what are you waiting for?  There’s no better time than now to get [...]

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Photographing Waterfalls in Winter

It doesn't snow often in the lower elevations of the Pacific Northwest, but when it does opportunity abounds for beautiful photography.  Silver Falls State Park, and the Trail of Ten Falls is a favorite. Ten major waterfalls are accessible in an 8 mile loop, four of them over 100 feet high. If you’re going out in the winter to photograph waterfalls, here are a few tips for better pictures: Bring a Tripod: To [...]

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3 Tips for Better Holiday Photographs

To get results like a pro you need to shoot like a pro. Here are few easy tips to improve your photography. 1. SHOOT A LOT Keep the best and leave the rest A big difference between a professional photographer and an amateur is also a simple difference to overcome and master.  For every shot an amateur takes of a given subject, a professional will take15-20, maybe more. Even one [...]

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Sunset on Haiti’s Caribbean Coast

When you hear the word Haiti, do you ever think of beautiful sunsets, clean beaches, and warm waters of the Caribbean? Have a stay at the L'Amitie Hotel, twenty minutes east of Jacmel. Count the steps from your room to the beach and a chair under a brightly colored umbrella. Order your favorite drink, have a swim or two, and stay for the sunset. Copyright 2015.  Portland Oregon travel photographer, Adam Bacher. [...]

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School Girl in Sunglasses on Motorcycle – Cap Haitian, Haiti

School children on motorcycles are a common sight during the morning  commute in Cap Haitian, Haiti. Copyright 2013. Portland Oregon editorial photographer, Adam Bacher.  All rights Reserved – Absolutely NO usage without prior authorization.

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School Children in Lory, Haiti.

All of the children at the Lory school, Haiti, were treated today at a mobile medical clinic run by a small team of doctors and medical professionals from the U.S.  For the past seven years the HACAOT medical team has come to Haiti for one week each November.  Over 600 people in the village of Lory were treated today and yesterday. Copyright 2014 Adam Bacher. All rights Reserved – Absolutely NO usage [...]

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