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Dancing Under a Haunted Sky

This month Oregon Humanities choose one of my Architecture of the Universe photographs for the cover of their quarterly magazine. The image is a confluence of my love for photography, nature and physics. The dance is my creative process at its best - where attention, imagination and planning met for a night under the stars two summers ago. All images and content Copyright 2019 Adam Bacher.  Absolutely no usage without prior consent. [...]

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Yours, Mine, Our Country – Happy 4th of July!

On the 4th of July we celebrate our country (my American friends). Whatever we disagree on, there’s so much that we do agree on.  I want a clean roof over my head and to feel safe and secure.  I want good food for my family, and steady work to support them. I want my children to be happy and healthy and prosperous, and for all of us to have fun and [...]

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A Seat at the Table

Whether it’s morning breakfast, waiting in a lobby for an appointment, or outdoor time for a fresh meal off the grill, may you always have a comfortable seat at the table. As an architectural photographer in Portland, Oregon, work has taken me to locations around the state, and around the world. During location photography assignments, seats are only to be enjoyed with the eyes and a camera. I love specializing in [...]

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