A portrait can be cropped to create a headshot, but not the other way around. Do you want a headshot or a portrait? The distinction is often missed.

The term “Headshot” has become a catch-all phrase that limits how we think about photography. How often do you hear or say, “I need a new headshot,” or “send me your headshot?”

The traditional headshot is functional and focused, tightly cropped on your face and shoulders, and often shot on a neutral background.

Portraits are cropped wider and include the surrounding environment. They showcase more of your personality, confidence, and the uniqueness that defines you as a business leader.

In today’s competitive landscape, where authenticity and differentiation are paramount, a portrait is more engaging and attention grabbing than a typical headshot. It fosters stronger connections with viewers, plays a greater role in establishing credibility and trust, and is a more effective tool for personal branding and professional representation.


A portrait can also be cropped to create a headshot, but it doesn’t work the other way around.