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Dorice Horenstein is a rising star in the speaking business  https://doricehorenstein.com/. At World Financial Group (WFG), Refresh Conference, you could feel her energy from the stage. She engaged and captivated the audience. Professional speakers and event photographers strive for the same results: connection and engagement. 

An experienced event photographer who knows how to be in the right place at the right time creates powerful images for you to market and promote your speaking business. You are your brand, and your photographs establish and reinforce brand identification. 

“I knew when I hired Adam, the photography would be everything I wanted and more. And did he deliver! The photographs he took at my recent speaking engagement are magnificent. He captured shots from every angle the auditorium had to offer, while moving quietly and unnoticed around the audience.

Adam is a consummate professional, with a friendly and relaxed demeanor that’s a pleasure to be around. I’m so glad I hired him. If you want it done right, hire Adam Bacher.”

Dorice Horenstein


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