Acrobat balancing on Ropes
Professional photographers need balance

We all need balance in our lives. Some more than others.

Maybe not as graceful as an acrobat, balance plays an important role in my corporate photography. Great balance gives me access to great perspectives.

For event and conference photography, balance allows me to move quickly and fluidly through crowds and narrow spaces, with two heavy cameras swinging from my body, often in the dark. Photographers need to be ready to come to stand-still at a moment’s notice, compose an image, focus, and shoot. A second too late and they miss the shot.

The next time you hire a photographer for a convention, event, or a conference, ask them how good their balance is. Oh the places I’ve stood: tables, chairs, windowsills, ledges, a tree, a judge’s bench, and more.


Acrobat photo copyright Adam Bacher. All rights reserved. Photo of Adam copyright Fletcher Wold.