Rites of Passage

A ritual of change is the hallmark of a rite of passage, as we transition from one stage of life to another.  Being born is the first rite of passage for all of us, and big one for the new parents too. When my first daughter was born, I was so overwhelmed with emotion I couldn’t hold the camera to take a photo. When my second was born I was better prepared. [...]

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All Hands Raised

Raise your hands if you believe in excellence in education.  Portland based non-profit, All Hands Raised does too. For 25 years they’ve been operating under the core value that all children can be successful, and thrive as valuable contributors to our communities. “Education, Equity and Excellence from Cradle to Career,” is their mission. All images and content Copyright 2019 Adam Bacher.  Absolutely no usage [...]

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A Ride to Remember – Hope Equestrian

Everything gets better at Hope Equestrian. Disabilities transform into capabilities, and children with special needs thrive. My introduction to the program came on a perfect spring day in Southern Oregon. Blue skies, green pastures and 70-degree weather made an ideal setting to see what’s possible to bring change to these children’s lives.  Their problems melted away as they saddled up, and a sense of purpose, dignity and accomplishment settled in - a liberation [...]

Burn Baby Burn – The Rise of Mega Fires

To burn or not to burn? That is the question fire ecologist Paul Hessburg poses to audiences in small towns across the western United States. I photographed him for a Weather Channel feature story, Oregon Megafire Man, in John Day, Oregon.  There he spoke about the rise of Mega Fires in the western United States, and what we can do to combat them. Paul [...]

Some Head Shots are for the Birds

Not your average executive head shot, but if you knew Ravens, you know they would be the first to claim executive status. Ravens are smart, cunning and mischievous.  Their brains are more similar to mammals and primates than to other birds.  Flying monkeys is an apt metaphor. Spend enough time with them and their personalities become apparent. From my experience, interactions are distinctly personal.   I’m also fascinated by the similarities between portraits I’ve [...]

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Even on the Darkest Days, the Light Always Shines Through – Total Eclipse

Savor every moment when your plan for the day is watching a total eclipse.  On August 21st, 2017 the moments were short, 2 minutes total if you were in Spray, Oregon.  This wasn't a typical editorial photography photo shoot.  There was no time for error and advanced preparation paid off. Just before the total eclipse is the first diamond ring, the last piece of sun glistening like a diamond before slipping behind the [...]

Reflections on Labor Day – Building a School in Rwanda

Blog by Portland Oregon Editorial Photographer: Adam Bacher Labor Day in the United States  brings thoughts of editorial photography assignments from Rwanda over the past eight years. Nowhere else have I consistently seen people work so hard. Without the heavy machinery commonplace our society, the people of Rwanda rely on manual labor to get the job done. As a Portland Oregon editorial photographer, watching a high school being constructed by hand was fascinating. [...]

Honoring Our Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C.

Blog by Portland Oregon Editorial Photographer: Adam Bacher Memorial Day this year takes on extra significance for me having visited Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C., on an editorial photography assignment last month. Spending an afternoon at the cemetery and thinking of many men and women who gave their lives to protect us and our great country was sobering. One area of interest was photographing the changing of the guard ritual [...]

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Families Then and Now

Blog by Portland Oregon Editorial Photographer: Adam Bacher Hiking in Arches National Park, in Moab Utah, I came across a wall of petroglyphs. This one reminded me of the family stickers people put on the back windshields of cars. The next shots are of my daughter - at the moment of her birth 18 years ago, and with her boyfriend after finding out their high school Constitution Team won the state finals and [...]

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Sheep at Sunset – Adventures in Photography

I'm unexpectedly, i.e. have no choice, told to get on the back of a motorcycle on a windswept island off the coast of Haiti.  We're in the countryside, three of us on three motos.  Mine is the last, all heading west into the setting sun on a dirt path.  There are 25 pounds of camera equipment in a backpack, on my back, hanging off the back of the moto.  My guy is getting the dirt [...]

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Halloween Vodou Ceremony in Haiti

Photography has always opened doors I hadn't anticipated going through. One of them was an invitation to attend a Vodou ceremony in Haiti, the night of Halloween. Vodou as well as Catholicism, is  practiced by the majority of Haitian people. Vodou in Haiti is a mix of local culture and worship of god and spirits, not like the extreme practices sensationalized in the western media. On this Halloween there was drumming, dancing, drinking and chanting. Like [...]

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Cell Phone in Seattle

Spent a delightful afternoon with my daughter, in Seattle last week. After two college visits we changed into shorts, parked the car, and explored. No big camera on this trip, just the one in the cell phone. Highights included: Seattle Space Needle. The new ferris wheel on the waterfront. Views from the ferris wheel of sunset and boats on the water. Blue umbrellas of a sidewalk cafe. The Gum Wall - featuring 2 decades of [...]

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Labor Day 2013 – To the workers of the world.

Sixteen Tons: Tennessee Ernie Ford "Some people say a man is made outta mud A poor man's made outta muscle and blood Muscle and blood and skin and bones A mind that's a-weak and a back that's strong You load sixteen tons, what do you get Another day older and deeper in debt Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go I owe my soul to the company [...]

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