Not your average executive head shot, but if you knew Ravens, you know they would be the first to claim executive status.

Head Shot of Raven in the Winter

Ravens are smart, cunning and mischievous.  Their brains are more similar to mammals and primates than to other birds.  Flying monkeys is an apt metaphor. Spend enough time with them and their personalities become apparent. From my experience, interactions are distinctly personal.   I’m also fascinated by the similarities between portraits I’ve taken of Ravens, and of people.

Interactions with people during portrait photography sessions are distinctly personal too.  People are much better at sitting still than Ravens.  Although, I have yet to hear a Raven begin an introduction with, “you know, I don’t look good in photographs.”  To which I may reply,  “You just haven’t been with the right photographer.”  With the right light, the right composition and the right photographer everyone has a good look, people and Ravens.

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As a Portland Oregon head shot photographer interacting with people is my specialty.  I’m available for executive head-shot photography assignments large and small.  Also a Portland Oregon Corporate photographer, please contact me the next time you need a photographer based in Portland Oregon.