The architecture of the universe and the architecture of humanity are dazzling together when conditions are right.

Milky Way and Stonehenge Memorial

Not any structure will do for architectural photography under the Milky Way. Your foundation must be set in a dark area of the planet. City dwellers need not apply. To our eyes the Milky Way appears as a thin veil of white arching across the sky. It’s only visible in the Northern Hemisphere from spring to fall. In the winter months it slips below the horizon.

milky way and trees

Our eyes register light, but our cameras collect light.  Night photography often requires an exposure of 30 seconds or more.  A good lens, a wide aperture and a sturdy tripod yields results suggestive of an image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Wind turbines under the milky way and stars in Oregon.

May your days always be clear.
May the winds be calm and the air be warm.
And may the stars be out to guide you home at night.

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