A Seat at the Table

Whether it’s morning breakfast, waiting in a lobby for an appointment, or outdoor time for a fresh meal off the grill, may you always have a comfortable seat at the table. As an architectural photographer in Portland, Oregon, work has taken me to locations around the state, and around the world. During location photography assignments, seats are only to be enjoyed with the eyes and a camera. I love specializing in [...]

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The Architecture of the Universe

The architecture of the universe and the architecture of humanity are dazzling together when conditions are right. Not any structure will do for architectural photography under the Milky Way. Your foundation must be set in a dark area of the planet. City dwellers need not apply. To our eyes the Milky Way appears as a thin veil of white arching across the sky. It’s only visible in the Northern Hemisphere from spring to [...]

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Tilikum Crossing Bridge – Night Photography

Tilikum Crossing is Portland, Oregon’s newest bridge.  Recently the city conducted lightning tests in preparation for it’s opening in 2015. There was NO Digital Manipulation done on these photos.  Changing color lights, rain, low clouds, 4 hours of shooting and a dedicated photographer combined to produce these images.  It was an  architectural photographer’s dream shoot.  Constantly cleaning water off the lens while holding a flashlight and umbrella are prerequisite skills for this type [...]

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Cell Phone in Seattle

Spent a delightful afternoon with my daughter, in Seattle last week. After two college visits we changed into shorts, parked the car, and explored. No big camera on this trip, just the one in the cell phone. Highights included: Seattle Space Needle. The new ferris wheel on the waterfront. Views from the ferris wheel of sunset and boats on the water. Blue umbrellas of a sidewalk cafe. The Gum Wall - featuring 2 decades of [...]

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