A Ride to Remember – Hope Equestrian

Everything gets better at Hope Equestrian. Disabilities transform into capabilities, and children with special needs thrive. My introduction to the program came on a perfect spring day in Southern Oregon. Blue skies, green pastures and 70-degree weather made an ideal setting to see what’s possible to bring change to these children’s lives.  Their problems melted away as they saddled up, and a sense of purpose, dignity and accomplishment settled in - a liberation [...]

Burn Baby Burn – The Rise of Mega Fires

To burn or not to burn? That is the question fire ecologist Paul Hessburg poses to audiences in small towns across the western United States. I photographed him for a Weather Channel feature story, Oregon Megafire Man, in John Day, Oregon.  There he spoke about the rise of Mega Fires in the western United States, and what we can do to combat them. Paul [...]

Waiting for Care – Dondon Haiti Medical Clinic

Waiting for care is a photographic essay of people waiting to be treated at a one day mobile medical clinic in the village of Dondon, Haiti.  All the photographs were taken on November 9th, 2011.  This collection of 13 images has recently been accepted to the Social Documentary website, dedicated to using the power of photography to promote global awareness. Living in abject poverty and lacking access to basic healthcare, over a thousand [...]

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Haiti Mobile Healthcare Clinic

An open stairway climbs the outside back wall of a church in the village of Lorie, in rural northern Haiti. It leads to a low abutting roof, a gap in mason covered wood slats, and a view into the church. In November 2012, the church was transformed into a medical clinic run by the Haitian Caribbean American Organization of Texas (HACAOT). Click her to read the full story Copyright 2012. Travel photographer Adam [...]

Giving thanks to those who protect our freedom

Yesterday, a soldier stationed in Afghanistan made his final trip home - American Airlines flight 1037.  Passengers at gate C-2, Dallas Fort Worth airport, stood in silence when his flagged draped coffin arrived on the tarmac.  They watched as the flag was folded with precision into a thick triangle, and his coffin slowly disappear into the underbelly of the plane. Fellow soldiers held a salute.  Passengers in the terminal held their silence, not [...]

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Hurricane Sandy in Haiti

Reminders from the 3 days of torrential rain in southern of Haiti are many, compliments of Hurricane Sandy.  A week before striking New York City, Sandy was a tropical storm parked just east of Haiti.  Some areas saw upwards of 20 inches of rain.  Homes were washed away, crops were whipped out, and cholera spread with dirty flood waters.  The storm killed at least 54 people. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United [...]

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Photography in Haiti

For the month of November I’ll be doing humanitarian photography work Haiti.  Tomorrow morning, Sister Denise Desil, a nun from the Little Sisters of St. Thérèse, will pick me up at the Port Au Prince airport.  Founded in Haiti in 1948, the Little Sisters of St. Thérèse is the largest Catholic community on the island.  They support 34 elementary schools, 20 health care clinics, 15 home economics centers, secondary schools, orphanages, nursing homes and [...]

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