Too Much Light

Bright afternoon sun from the windows behind the stage threatened to blow out the detail on most of this image. The problem wasn’t too much light. The problem was too much light from one direction. Since I couldn’t turn down the sun, I turned up a lot more light from the other side. Professional Photographers come prepared for all situations and work seamlessly in mixed light under any conditions. [...]

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We all need balance in our lives. Some more than others. Maybe not as graceful as an acrobat, balance plays an important role in my corporate photography. Great balance gives me access to great perspectives. For event and conference photography, balance allows me to move quickly and fluidly through crowds and narrow spaces, with two heavy cameras swinging from my body, often in the dark. Photographers need to be [...]

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Backstage Pass

While many yearn for a backstage pass to their favorite bands, photographers yearn for backstage access to their favorite corporate conventions and events. It is one of  the best places to shoot from to show context and relationship between speaker and audience. When available, this is an exceptional perspective. It gives viewers of the photograph a contextual relationship between speaker and audience, as well as a strong emotional take on the energy in [...]

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First Breath – First Impression

Whether it’s a first breath, a first impression, or the first words spoken to your audience, the beginning of a speech is critical to the success of a presenter. World class executive speech coach, Patricia Fripp says it all, “the first 30 seconds (of your talk) has ripple effects; what happens during that time can make or break a meeting.” Years of event photography have taught me well.  You never know when [...]

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In Memory of Dr Paul Farmer

In memory of Dr. Paul Farmer, an extraordinary man who dedicated his life to improve healthcare in underserved regions around the world. In 1987, Paul Farmer established Partners in Health, a global non-profit committed to “bringing the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them, and to serve as an antidote to despair.” He and his colleagues pioneered innovative, community-based treatment strategies, to deliver high-quality [...]

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Waiting for Care – Dondon Haiti Medical Clinic

Waiting for care is a photographic essay of people waiting to be treated at a one day mobile medical clinic in the village of Dondon, Haiti.  All the photographs were taken on November 9th, 2011.  This collection of 13 images has recently been accepted to the Social Documentary website, dedicated to using the power of photography to promote global awareness. Living in abject poverty and lacking access to basic healthcare, over a thousand [...]

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