Rites of Passage

A ritual of change is the hallmark of a rite of passage, as we transition from one stage of life to another.  Being born is the first rite of passage for all of us, and big one for the new parents too. When my first daughter was born, I was so overwhelmed with emotion I couldn’t hold the camera to take a photo. When my second was born I was better prepared. [...]

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All Hands Raised

Raise your hands if you believe in excellence in education.  Portland based non-profit, All Hands Raised does too. For 25 years they’ve been operating under the core value that all children can be successful, and thrive as valuable contributors to our communities. “Education, Equity and Excellence from Cradle to Career,” is their mission. All images and content Copyright 2019 Adam Bacher.  Absolutely no usage [...]

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School Children in Lory, Haiti.

All of the children at the Lory school, Haiti, were treated today at a mobile medical clinic run by a small team of doctors and medical professionals from the U.S.  For the past seven years the HACAOT medical team has come to Haiti for one week each November.  Over 600 people in the village of Lory were treated today and yesterday. Copyright 2014 Adam Bacher. All rights Reserved – Absolutely NO usage without [...]

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