Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Blog by Portland Oregon Editorial Photographer: Adam Bacher Total eclipse of the harvest moon seen from under a street light, downtown Portland, Oregon.  There's no special photo-shop work on this image, just reflections and glare in the camera lens.  The full moon rising nearest the September equinox is a Harvest moon.  Being the fourth straight total eclipse of the moon, it's given the name, Blood Moon.  Photo taken September 27th, 2015. Copyright 2015 [...]

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Uncommon Locations – Adventures in Corporate Photography

Blog by Portland Oregon Corporate Photographer: Adam Bacher Corporate photography assignments don’t always take place at the office, or on the production floor.  Sometimes the sky is the limit and more exotic locations are called for.  When CEO Stefan Loble, from Bluff Works, contacted us to photograph his new line of pants, this Portland Oregon corporate photographer headed straight to the mountains to see how their pants would hold up.  According to Stefan, [...]

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Photographing Waterfalls in Winter

It doesn't snow often in the lower elevations of the Pacific Northwest, but when it does opportunity abounds for beautiful photography.  Silver Falls State Park, and the Trail of Ten Falls is a favorite. Ten major waterfalls are accessible in an 8 mile loop, four of them over 100 feet high. If you’re going out in the winter to photograph waterfalls, here are a few tips for better pictures: Bring a Tripod: To [...]

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