Portland Oregon editorial photographer in Rwanda

Grateful for the construction workers who build  the homes and buildings where we live and work.

Grateful to the people who build the roads and bridges we drive on, the cars and trucks we drive in, and the trains and planes that bring us and our goods from one place to another.

Grateful for the people who built my refrigerator, assembled my computer and smartphone and iPad.

Grateful for the public servants – police, fire, and first responders who keep our streets safe, our buildings from burning down, and accident and health crisis victims from dying.

Grateful for the teachers who educate our children, and those who build, maintain and clean our schools.

Grateful for people who collect the garbage, wire our homes and buildings, and lay the pipes and pumps that bring clean water in and dirty water out.

Grateful for the farmers who grow our food, the truckers who deliver it, the grocery workers, cooks, waiters, and fast food workers who ready it for consumption.

Grateful for all the workers who have and continue to enrich our lives.

All photographs © 2012 Editorial photographer Adam Bacher.  Absolutely no usage without prior authorization.

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