kitchen table and chairs back-lit with sunlight with shadows

Whether it’s morning breakfast, waiting in a lobby for an appointment, or outdoor time for a fresh meal off the grill, may you always have a comfortable seat at the table. As an architectural photographer in Portland, Oregon, work has taken me to locations around the state, and around the world. During location photography assignments, seats are only to be enjoyed with the eyes and a camera.

outdoor table and chairs in sunlight with shadows

I love specializing in architectural interior photography for the places I travel to, and the challenges of lighting interior environments. Things aren’t always what they seem when first setting up. Open spaces typically look larger on camera, and rooms typically feel smaller. Photographer, tripod and camera are frequently pushed tightly against the farthest walls to get the right angle.

Moving furniture comes with the territory and attention must be exercised to keep your back happy and safe. Everything must return to where it started, and my goal is to always leave places a little cleaner than when I arrived.

lobby coffee table and chairs in sunlight with shadows

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As a Portland Oregon photographer specializing in architectural photography, I’m available for photography assignments large and small.  Please contact me the next time you need a location photographer ready to travel to your location across the country or around the world.